My new (to me) boat

My new (to me) boat

I finally did something I’ve wanted to do for many years. I bought myself a boat. It’s 24 years old, so I expect there to be many repair bills in my future. But it’s a boat, and it’s mine, and I can take it out on the Niagara River, or on Lake Erie, or along the canals… I can hardly wait!!!


The most sincere form of flattery…

I really don’t mind when people feel it’s time to move on, it’s part of the human condition to want to spread your wings and see if you can fly on your own. So when an employee decides that they want to leave the relative safety of employment and risk the shark infested waters of being self employed, I wish them well, and I genuinely hope they are able to succeed.

But when I see that they are bereft of any original ideas, and that they copy the business model that I have worked very hard, over many years to build, even down to the signage I use and the design of their paperwork, it really makes me wonder.

I have owned a few businesses in my life. Each business was started with an idea. None of my businesses have been copies of what anyone else was doing.

I always look for he positive in any situation, and the great thing about this is that I am spurred on to improve my business and make it even better than it already is – there’s aways room for improvement!

It’s been a while…

I haven’t written anything on here in quite some time. I’m sure it doesn’t matter as I don’t think anyone actually reads these things.

The reason I don’t bother posting stuff here is really because there’s not a whole lot to say. Life has ups and downs and we just get along with it the best that we can. I think I’m probably starting to realize that this is about as good as it gets, for me at least.

I wonder if it will be another four years or so before I write anything else on here…


A new guitar

I just bought a new (to me) guitar. It’s a Yamaha acoustic and it’s great. I’m really enjoying playing it, and it’s making me feel inspired. I’m actually coming up with new ideas…

An update

Well, I’m divorced at last. It became final on the first day of spring, how appropriate! What a relief! It feels like a huge weight has been lifted.

I thought I was going to write a lot on this blog about my iPhone – I’m not. There are so many things it can do that I don’t know where to start. All I will say is that you should buy one – they’re great.

We had a very quiet start to the year with business, but as soon as spring started we started getting calls. This is going to be a very busy year, and busy is good.

We got a call last week from a lady who needed help and she needed it fast. We went in and worked our little miracles and now just about everything in her (huge) house is sold. Heidi did about two weeks worth of work in two days – she’s amazing. Our client is delighted, and so are we.

One of the really nice things about what we do for a living is that we are actually helping people, and helping them when they really need help. With my old courier business back in England I could never see the point, I never understood why anyone really needed a delivery to be made ‘today’. I often thought they could have just stuck a stamp on an envelope and saved themselves a lot of money – I never did tell any of my customers that though…

But with the estate sales business I love what we do and the best part is the fact that we make a difference.

And that’s all for now.