on and on…

It’s almost the end of 2014.

I never did get to use my boat. Heidi didn’t like it, and we work pretty much all the way through summer, seven days a week, so there was never any time to use it. I put it in storage for the winter a few weeks ago. As soon as the season starts next year I’m going to advertise it for sale.

Jackson isn’t quite 14 yeat (although in a month’s time he will be) and he’s already taller than me – six foot and still growing. He’s a handsome lad. Joe is growing too, but at a more age appropriate rate 🙂

We have just started our winter ‘rest’ time. I’ve been turning work down for the past few weeks to give us a bit of a break. I like that we are busy but time off is also important so that we can be everything that our clients need. We’ll be back at work in January.

I was just reading back through some of my posts on this blog. It was interesting reading about when I got my first iPhone, a 3G. I recently got an iPhone 6 Plus. I like it a lot, but the magic that I felt in getting that first one isn’t there. Now it feels that I have a more practical tool. The screen on the old phone (I was up to iPhone 5) was simply too small. This new one is a very useable size – I can actually see it without squinting.

I also invested in a nice iMac for my video editing. I had been using a PC for editing for the past three years. The old Mac G4 was (and still is) working, but it wouldn’t do HD video. I decided to be cheap and bought the PC – a really bad idea. So after three years of frustration I now have a very good video editing tool again. It makes me happy.

And now I will disappear again – I have no idea how long it will be before I return to this blog.

I wonder if anyone ever reads this…


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