The most sincere form of flattery…

I really don’t mind when people feel it’s time to move on, it’s part of the human condition to want to spread your wings and see if you can fly on your own. So when an employee decides that they want to leave the relative safety of employment and risk the shark infested waters of being self employed, I wish them well, and I genuinely hope they are able to succeed.

But when I see that they are bereft of any original ideas, and that they copy the business model that I have worked very hard, over many years to build, even down to the signage I use and the design of their paperwork, it really makes me wonder.

I have owned a few businesses in my life. Each business was started with an idea. None of my businesses have been copies of what anyone else was doing.

I always look for he positive in any situation, and the great thing about this is that I am spurred on to improve my business and make it even better than it already is – there’s aways room for improvement!


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