Aha! Here it is…

The Internet’s a funny place. I spend an awful lot of time here, and I feel like I know my way around it pretty well. But sometimes I get lost, or rather, I lose things here.

I lost this blog for quite a while. I knew it was here somewhere, but couldn’t find it. Then I stumbled on it quite by accident the other day, but I had no idea of how to write anything in it. I simply couldn’t remember how.

But just now it came to me in a flash. Call it inspiration, call it a desperate need, call it what you like, but here I am writing my blog again.

What was so important? Nothing really, except the desire to rant for a moment. Here is that rant…

In June of 2006, after mysteriously losing the ones I’d only recently bought, I got some new glasses from a company called Lenscrafters on Maple Road in Amherst NY. I went to Lenscrafters because they advertised that they made glasses the same day. The glasses were not inexpensive, but I needed them, and I assumed that, at the price I paid, I would have quality glasses which would last me for a couple of years or more.

Not so! This morning, as I was dressing, I took off my glasses and they fell apart. I hadn’t dropped them, I never treat them badly, but yet, there I was holding two pieces which should have been one. One arm (or leg if you prefer) had simply come adrift.

After taking my kids to school I went straight to Lenscrafters to ask them to repair my specs. The sales assistant that I saw was exceptionally rude. She immediately implied that I was ‘trying it on’ and she made it very clear that she thought I wanted something for nothing. She didn’t even take a close look at the glasses before she told me exactly what the problem was (a spring had broken off inside the frame). Clearly this is a known fault with this particular frame. She then went on to tell me that they would replace the frame at a cost of $75. I suggested that, as I had only had the glasses for a little over eight months, that perhaps they should be repaired free of charge. She got up and walked away, shouting over her shoulder that I should come back after 2:00pm and speak to the manager. She then wandered off out of sight.

A little after 2:00pm I called Lenscrafters and spoke to the manager. She was every bit as rude and unhelpful as the sales assistant had been. She told me that I should have read the back of the receipt I got when I bought the glasses. Apparently it states on the back of the receipt that they fully intend to rip off their customers in this way when the garbage frames they sell fall apart.

So, rather than spend $75 having these specs fixed I bought some Epoxy resin and made a repair myself – it seems to be holding ok.

I will never, under any circumstances, spend money at Lenscrafters again. Instead I intend to go to a more reputable independent dealer and buy something with a warranty.

There – now I feel better.


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