Time flies

Crikey! Is it five years already? It certainly is!

Five years ago today I had the honor of meeting one of the most amazing people on the planet. A person who makes life worth living. A person who, without even trying, makes every day an absolute pleasure and delight.

Yes, it’s five years since Jackson, my first son, was born.

I remember the first time I saw him. Covered in gunk, being lifted out of his mom’s tummy. I remember the feeling of panic I had when he didn’t cry immediately. I remember seeing the nurse cleaning him. I remember seeing him in the nursey, he was about twice as big as any other baby there. And he was, without a doubt, the most beautiful human being I had ever seen…ever!

So, now he’s five. He’s a fantastic big brother to little Joey. He reminds me so much of my brother Phill and how he related to me when we were kids.

It’s really interesting, learning stuff just by watching my boys interacting with each other. this is stuff that I sould have known already but never ‘got’ somehow. And now it’s all so clear. And it makes me so grateful for having had the parents I had, and for my wonderful brother Phill.

Phill’s always been my hero, although I don’t think he ever realised, although he will now if he reads this. Phill is the sort of person who can do stuff. Not just the every-day mundane stuff that other people do, but really special, clever, interesting, artistic stuff – the stuff that, when I see it, makes me feel even more proud that he’s my big brother.

But more than that. He’s a really nice chap. He’s always been there for me. He used to stick up for me against the school bullies. He’d be there to talk to me and comfort me when I’d been in trouble from my dad.

Seeing my lovely sons together gives me a really strong sense of what Phill and I were like as kids, as we still are actually. One of the things that I believe Phill and I still have, even after all this time, is a sense of childlike wonder. It’s that sense of wonder that, I believe, gives us pleasure in simple things. things like walking in the hills, the colors of a sunset, the sound of an airplane way off in the distance as church bells are ringing somewhere far off as a gentle breeze rustles through the long grass of a field next to Marina Avenue in Snaith.

Wow – five years – fortyfive years – it’s all the same really isn’t it? Wonderful!


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