And here we are in a different year

So, 2006 is upon us. The fireworks are all fizzled out, the hangovers just a dim, if painful, memory…the xmas crackers all stuck back together with selotape and put back in their box ready for next year.

Now it’s time to get on with the matters at hand – whatever that might mean.

I wonder what I’ll be thinking this time next year. Will I remember writing this? Probably not. There’s a bloody good chance that I’ll have long since forgotten about even the existance of this blog by then. This is just something that I’m doing right now, and I’m certain that in a years time, whoever I am on that day, will have other matters to ponder upon.

Does any of it matter? Not a chance I think.

So, “Go to sleep, boys” I shout through my office door. It’s the kids nap time, but they don’t seem to agree.

And another day trickles by…


One thought on “And here we are in a different year

  1. yep. tempus bladdy fugit, eh?

    new design. very nice. gives the impression you’re rambling into space.

    but are you thinking of putting anything on your “aboot” page?

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