By crikey! Life is certainly interesting…!

“Who knew?” That’s a phrase that keeps popping up.

This has not been a boring year! In fact it has been rather spectacular in many many ways. This time last year I was still living and working in America, but for much of this year, since January 2nd, I have been back home in England. I have done my work for the business I am a partner in, which is still in America, but it has all been done via the Internet. But apart from a few flights back and forth, I’ve spent a large part of 2016 in England.

Has it been easy? Not really. But it has been bloody wonderful!

I won’t go on about it just now, but I do intend to start writing in this blog much more regularly, and I’m sure that the details of this past year will spill out at some point. One thing I will say is this… If you love someone, I mean if you really love someone, tell them! Don’t wait for thirty seven years, just do it and do it NOW! Then tell them every day for the rest of your life, preferably make it the very first thing you say every single day…


American politics

I think I may, after living in the US for fifteen years, be starting to understand the American political system. I had always thought that politics was fairly serious business, but when you look for real ‘news’ on the TV here you end up watching people like Jon Stewart and Bill Maher. But that can’t be right, they’re comedians aren’t they?

But then you look at actual ‘News’ programs on TV and realize that the vast majority of politicians are joking too. They must be. No sane person could actually believe some of the nonsense that comes out of their mouths. So now it all makes perfect sense to me. It’s all a big fucking joke.

Nobody reads this shit

Ha! Just as I thought. I just looked at the stats for this blog (who knew you could even do that?) and nobody, that’s NOBODY, has ever looked at anything I’ve posted here! Well, except me of course.

Even now, I’m just writing for myself, I could say anything – blah blah blah, flobalobalob, wibble – and it will make no difference to anyone EVER!

This year’s Christmas song

It seems that I have started a tradition of singing a Christmas song, recording it, and making a video for our friends, family, cutomers and clients, at this time of year.

Here is this year’s offering – a song originally performed by Mud in 1974, ‘Lonely This Christmas’. This has been a favorite song of mine ever since I first heard it (and thought it was sung by Elvis Presley).

on and on…

It’s almost the end of 2014.

I never did get to use my boat. Heidi didn’t like it, and we work pretty much all the way through summer, seven days a week, so there was never any time to use it. I put it in storage for the winter a few weeks ago. As soon as the season starts next year I’m going to advertise it for sale.

Jackson isn’t quite 14 yeat (although in a month’s time he will be) and he’s already taller than me – six foot and still growing. He’s a handsome lad. Joe is growing too, but at a more age appropriate rate 🙂

We have just started our winter ‘rest’ time. I’ve been turning work down for the past few weeks to give us a bit of a break. I like that we are busy but time off is also important so that we can be everything that our clients need. We’ll be back at work in January.

I was just reading back through some of my posts on this blog. It was interesting reading about when I got my first iPhone, a 3G. I recently got an iPhone 6 Plus. I like it a lot, but the magic that I felt in getting that first one isn’t there. Now it feels that I have a more practical tool. The screen on the old phone (I was up to iPhone 5) was simply too small. This new one is a very useable size – I can actually see it without squinting.

I also invested in a nice iMac for my video editing. I had been using a PC for editing for the past three years. The old Mac G4 was (and still is) working, but it wouldn’t do HD video. I decided to be cheap and bought the PC – a really bad idea. So after three years of frustration I now have a very good video editing tool again. It makes me happy.

And now I will disappear again – I have no idea how long it will be before I return to this blog.

I wonder if anyone ever reads this…